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So this past week has been busy. We had an amazing photoshoot recently with model, actress, and singer Sydney Chanel. Follow her @ _Sydney_Chanel. She is an amazing up and coming model, and has the voice of an angel! She is a powerhouse. Thank you for being there when needed and climbing into windows to get whatever shot is needed haha! Her little toddler Zurina was also on the scene to help guide her mommy with all of her looks. This sweet petunia knows no bedtime! Makeup artist Kamera, a great friend also helped out with the shoot. We went late into the night and she stayed through the creative process and helped us to sneak into locations to get the PERFECT shots! Follow her @XKVMX. Arielle my bff of course was on the scene, half sleep but assisted as a second photographer and videographer for the shoot. IG @Ahhreeh. Take a look at some of my favorite bloopers and shots from the shoot LOL Thank you all


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